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Xi'an large-scale power outage emergency drill practice with video playback

Date: 2017-07-26
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Xi'an large-scale power outage emergency drill practice with video playback


2016-06-30 07:20:36 Source: China Daily News


西安大面积停电应急演练 实战演练用视频播放



After several months of preparation, this morning, Xi'an ushered in the country's first vice provincial provincial capital city of large-scale comprehensive exercise, testing to enhance the government to deal with the larger emergencies of the organization response capacity.

People concerned specifically reminded that the actual practice of the scene, is the day of the exercise through video and other real-time live broadcast, combat drills fault design will not have a negative impact on the community, the public do not have to doubt and panic.

Exercise situation

More than 50 units participating

There are three actual exercise points

The exercise by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the Xi'an Municipal People's Government, the Northwest Energy Regulatory Agency, the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company, the State Grid Xi'an power supply company co-sponsored by more than 50 departments and units participating.

It is understood that the exercise time for the June 30 morning 9:30-11:30. The main venue is located in the city sports park gymnasium; actual exercise points have three, respectively, subway line 2 administrative center station, Xinhui Iron and Steel Company production area, 110 kV Beifeng line cable channel.

Xi'an mayor Shangguan Jiqing training leader group leader, deputy mayor of Xi'an Founder Guanghua any deputy head of the executive. The Leading Group has six special working groups under the exercise planning group, the exercise guidance group, the exercise evaluation group, the exercise implementation group, the technical support group and the logistics support group.

The deputy director of the municipal government Qian Huwei, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission Qiang Xiaonan, the State Grid Xi'an Power Company General Manager Yu advanced, deputy director of the Municipal Emergency Office Jiang Hongyao any vice president command.


西安大面积停电应急演练 实战演练用视频播放


Purpose of the exercise

Inspection of the relevant departments of the government joint disposal and separate disposal capacity

Xi'an Municipal Government has issued a notice of the implementation of the comprehensive emergency drills in Xi'an in 1916 in Xi'an in 2016. It details the purpose, mode, exercise unit, exercise organization, exercise scene setting, Drill assessment criteria and methods and so on.

The main purpose of the exercise is five:

(A) to test the "Xi'an large-scale blackout emergency response plan", Xi'an large-scale power outage emergency response team members of the emergency response plan to find the weak links and problems in the plan to improve the scientific, practical and operational Sex.

(B) test in the context of a large area of power outages, the relevant departments of municipal government joint disposal and separate disposal capacity. Improve the government and power companies to deal with large-scale blackout emergency response mechanism, standardize the procedures and methods.

(3) To verify the ability of emergency communication capability, information collection, analysis, distribution, sharing and key resources of Xi'an Municipality, which is a member of the Leading Group for Emergency Management of Emergency Disposal in Xi'an.

(D) exercise a large area of Xi'an power emergency emergency response command agencies and emergency teams, testing emergency equipment and materials, improve the comprehensive command of emergency command and accident handling.

(5) to promote popularization of power emergency knowledge and skills, to enhance the awareness of important users and the public's power outage crisis, to improve the community in the event of power outages when the self-help, mutual rescue ability to prevent secondary derivative accidents.


西安大面积停电应急演练 实战演练用视频播放



Exercise method

Functional exercises, practical exercises, simulation exercises combined with three ways

This exercise uses a combination of functional drills, combat drills and simulated drills:

Functional exercises focus on the effectiveness of emergency plans, emergency command coordination, the correctness of emergency response. After the event of a large-scale blackout event, the government emergency command organization member unit is mainly responsible for the "functional" unit of the emergency management, in the main venue using interactive integrated emergency training system platform to participate in joint exercises, according to the system virtual release disaster information Out of decision-making, command, carry out resource deployment, collaborative linkage disposal. Disaster information from the background push, do not use real staff and equipment, not on-site disposal, all decision-making instructions from the virtual role of virtual implementation.

Practical exercises, focusing on the emergency response team, emergency supplies and other resources to mobilize efficiency, organizational combat capability and emergency response capabilities. Through the live broadcast form to show the emergency disposal process, the use of real staff and equipment.

Simulation exercises, focusing on enhancing the emotional awareness of participating staff, to make up for the lack of functional exercise. On the part of the exercise time and venue constraints, can not be synchronized to carry out the actual exercise of the representative scene, to take pre-pre-recorded video, through the video display emergency treatment process.

Simulation scene

Affected by strong convective weather

Substation loss of large area power outages

During the period of overhaul and strong convective weather, the winds caused by moving winds such as moving trains and shorts of foreign bodies occurred, which resulted in the failure of North Grass Ⅰ, North Grass Ⅱ and Grass Feng Ⅰ Three 330-kilovolt transmission lines have trips, coincidence is not, Weihe power plant output can not maintain the marsh area of the isolated network operation, and the system solution, 330 kilovolt grassland 110 kilovolt busbar to stop, resulting under the jurisdiction of the 14 substation pressure , Eventually triggering a large area of power outages occurred. Many parts of Weiyang District of Xi'an are affected by power supply in some areas of Lianhu area. The power loss load is 21% of the load of Xi'an power grid before the accident, and it is prejudiced to constitute a large area blackout.

The municipal government immediately launched a large area of power failure event Ⅲ emergency response, co-ordinate the relevant departments, the unit to coordinate the disposal. Have started power, communications, health, law and order, fire, traffic, materials, publicity and other emergency plans. By taking measures to maintain law and order, fire and fire, command to ease the traffic, evacuation of trains, rescue the injured people, repair damaged power facilities, important users emergency power supply and other measures to jointly deal with large-scale blackout. After emergency treatment, all users to restore and reduce the load to recover more than 90% after the end of the emergency situation.


西安大面积停电应急演练 实战演练用视频播放



The actual exercise is played through the video

The public does not have to panic

According to the relevant content design, this exercise simulates the day of the city weather station issued lightning weather warning, by the strong convective weather, the city most of the region rainfall, local heavy rain, wind 7 to 8, instantaneous wind higher ... ... this , Some substation power outages, some important customers of the power supply is affected. Subsequently, the affected area of the grid continued to expand, the fault trip led to the city's large-scale power outages, power supply units through the standby power supply automatically into the device, switch to standby power supply operation, but the accident still caused a lot of load loss. In this regard, the power supply units active coordination, by adjusting the power grid mode of operation for load transfer.

In accordance with the exercise design, power failure to urban transport, medical, communications and many other links have been affected to varying degrees, some important enterprises due to power outage and interruption, dangerous gas accumulation, security risks increased; communications operators found that power outages all The base stations have stopped the power supply, so the emergency commissioning of standby generators, but can not restore power supply, the relevant area of millions of users of the communication will be affected; many people have to power supply companies, news media inquiries related to the situation, District residents due to power outage caused by water interruption, the elevator outage; some residents began to buy candles, bottled water, public security and other departments continue to focus on social trends ... ...

According to the Xi'an Municipal Development and Reform Commission stakeholders, the exercise in the design, not only highlights the situation close to the real, but also in the relevant process arrangements are also close to combat. The drill has designed a situation that is very much in line with the current weather characteristics - heavy rains, in which case a large area of power outages are likely to lead to poor drainage, and some sections of the sewage spill.

After the occurrence of large-scale blackout events, the government emergency command agencies concerned departments and units of the main person in charge of the main venue in the use of interactive integrated emergency training system platform, according to the system simulation release disaster information, the use of units to make decision- As well as the issuance of disposal orders, to carry out resource deployment, coordination and other emergency response.

Relevant people specifically reminded that the scene of the actual exercise is the day of the exercise through the video and other real-time live broadcast, the actual exercise of the fault design, will not have a negative impact on society, the public do not have to doubt and panic.


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