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China's first satellite mobile communication system: Tiantong a detailed dialysis

Date: 2017-07-26
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China's first satellite mobile communication system: Tiantong a detailed dialysis


2016-11-08 Source: Netease News





Over the years, satellite communications with its wide range of coverage, flexible network, from geographical constraints and other advantages in the field of exploration, border patrols, disaster relief and other activities played a huge role. However, due to the lack of small number of terminals, many types of equipment, can not interconnection and other reasons, still failed to meet the rescue team rapid mobile communication needs.

As a result, Tiantong-1 satellite mobile system began to emerge. So, Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile system from birth to launch, how is it step by step?




What is a satellite mobile system?

A mobile communication satellite is a satellite that can provide communication for mobile and portable terminals. The advantage is that it can provide voice, data and other communication services for mobile users such as vehicles, aircraft, ships and individuals, and can realize miniaturization and mobileization of user terminals.

Compared with the terrestrial mobile communication system, the terrestrial mobile communication system can not realize the full coverage of the communication in the remote mountainous area, the desert Gobi, the forest and the border due to the limitation of the coverage area of the ground base station. The mobile communication satellite system does not exist such a restriction, you can top-down to achieve full coverage of the region, not terrain and other factors.

It is reported that the national terrestrial mobile communication coverage is less than 10% of the land area, even in large cities like Beijing, the ground mobile communication coverage is less than 20%, such as China's South China Sea such a wide area of ground mobile communication is more difficult to achieve the whole cover. And I work in the band signal transmission loss is small, the rain is small, you can achieve the ground terminal equipment miniaturization, easy to carry, while ensuring the quality of communication.


Second, Tiantong on the opening background

After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the earthquake area ground communication network was completely paralyzed, when China did not have its own mobile communication satellite system, can only rent abroad satellite telephone earthquake relief.

International mobile satellite systems have formed a number of global or regional mobile communication systems, including Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat (Inmarsat) , Not only widely used in personal communications, marine transport, ocean fisheries, air passenger and other fields, but also in the earthquake, floods, frost and other natural disasters can achieve barrier-free communication and determine the location.

At that time, China's response to natural disasters China mainly rely on the rental of international mobile communications satellite system (Inmarsat) to ensure emergency communications. After the Wenchuan earthquake, China launched the autonomous mobile communications satellite system project demonstration, determined to fill the country in the field of satellite mobile communications blank.

In July 2008, Sun Jiadong, Shen Rongjun academic co-author of the Central Committee, called for speeding up China's independent satellite mobile communication system. Then, after more than three years of their argument and involved, in 2011, China's first satellite mobile communication system - Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile communications system project was officially launched.

Tiantong No.1 satellite mobile communication system is a satellite mobile communication system which is independently developed and constructed in China. It is also an important part of China's spatial information infrastructure. The system consists of a space segment, a ground segment and a user terminal, which consists of multiple geostationary orbit mobile communication satellites.

August 6, 2016, Tiantong No. 1 satellite in Xichang successful launch, at present, the satellite is conducting on-orbit test, ground application, control system is the process of integrated test, and soon after, the system will be officially opened to run.



Third, Tiantong satellite launch introduction

August 16, 2006 at 0:22, China in the Xichang Satellite Launch Center with the Long March III B carrier rocket will be the day through the 01 stars launched 01 stars, which is China's satellite mobile communications system star.

Tiantong No.1 satellite based on Dongfanghong four platform development, launch weight 5400kg, fixed point and 101.4 degrees east longitude, the design life of 12 years. Tiantong No.1 has 109 homeland beams, which are covered by our territory, territorial waters and islands. At the same time, there are two sea-level beams covering the western Pacific (within the islands) and the northern Indian Ocean (Bengal Bay, Man Hai).

The frequency band of the user is the FDD / TDMA / FDMA mode, which can support one million at the same time, and the user link and the feeder link are in the S-band. User use.

August 13, 2016, Tiantong on the 1st satellite communications antenna successfully launched, August 18, Tiantong No. 1 satellite transponder successfully opened.


Fourth, Tiantong on the ground operating conditions

Tiantong No.1 satellite mobile system system operation and promotion work by the China Telecom satellite communications company is responsible.

China Telecom is China's basic telecom operators only have the satellite mobile communications camera operators, the exclusive operation of Tiantong No. 01 Star ground business, to provide customers with "heaven and earth one of the" all-round communications security services.

It is understood that, as Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile system "operation", China Telecom Group Satellite Communications Co., Ltd. next generation satellite mobile communications development center deputy general manager Han Miao said recently that the Ministry of Industry is approved a new section of resources, specifically For terrestrial ground mobile communication on Tiantong No.1.


Fifth, handheld terminal mode and communication

At present, support Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile system terminals, including handheld, portable, car-based, data collection and other forms.

And support Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile system mobile terminal, using the Andrews operating system to support the Chinese user interface, interface applications, mode of operation and ordinary mobile phone is basically the same. Even more surprising is that the phone uses multi-mode, compatible with the ground 4G mobile communications.

Mobile phone support information rate of 1.2kbps-9.6kbps; support voice, data, SMS business and positioning functions; weight less than 250g, standby time 72 hours, working hours 6 hours.


6, Tiantong on the 1st can provide all kinds of business

According to the introduction, Tiantong on the in-track test shows that Tiantong-1 satellite mobile system has been basically able to achieve all the functions of ground communications.

Voice can call the global arbitrary ground fixed and mobile phone; SMS support network and out of the network short message, with the ground public network mobile terminal interconnection; transmission rate of 9.6kbps, with Beidou positioning function, all end products are built Beidou received Ability to support location management and control based on Beidou / GPS.

In addition, it will provide all kinds of value-added services, including voice value-added services, access services, cloud services, intelligent network services, online data processing and transaction processing business, storage and forwarding services, multiple communications services, information services, communications services The

The terrestrial mobile communication system is limited by the base station coverage area, it is difficult in the remote mountainous areas, desert Gobi, forest and other areas to achieve full coverage of communications. Tiantong No one is not affected by terrain and other factors, you can top-down to achieve the ocean, mountain and plateau and other places of seamless coverage of the offshore oil exploration and mining, forest protection and other communications capabilities to enhance an important help. Moreover, the day through a frequency band signal transmission loss is small, is conducive to the miniaturization of terminal equipment, easy to carry.


Seven, the future of Tiantong No

Tiantong No. 01 star launch, but the beginning of China's satellite mobile system. According to the plan, Tiantong No. 02 stars and 03 stars will gradually evolve, using the new Dongfanghong 5 satellite platform, improve the star power and antenna caliber, support for greater capacity of broadband communications.

After the launch, will be deployed in the east and west sides of 02 stars, the formation of the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the "area along the way" normalized coverage.

With the completion of the development and follow-up application development, I believe Tiantong No. 1 satellite mobile system will enhance China's mobile communications and emergency communications security level play a major role in economic construction and national defense construction indispensable information base Facilities, to meet the government, military, industry, public and other users of the use of demand.

It is expected that by 2025, there will be more than 3 million end users of mobile communication satellite systems. Users can rely on satellite mobile systems for personal communication, ocean transportation, ocean fisheries, air passenger, bipolar and international peacekeeping.

Not only to support confidential voice communications, data transmission and video conferencing, disaster relief, maritime rescue and remote rescue, remote education, telemedicine, radio and live business, but also for the expedition, exploration and other high-end business users Internet access, personal mobile communications business.


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