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The use of tethered UAV and "and intercom" to build a comprehensive emergency command and dispatch p

Date: 2017-07-13
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The use of tethered UAV and "and intercom" to build a comprehensive emergency command and dispatch platform


2017-7-13 Source: People's Posts and Telecommunications

 Recently, Fujian Mobile Innovation R & D Department of unmanned aerial vehicles emergency communications high-altitude base stations, and has reached the scale of commercial conditions. Promote the application, in the face of typhoons, floods, earthquakes, debris flow and other major disaster scenes, with the high-altitude base station quickly established emergency communications system for the radius of 5 square kilometers area to provide 8 hours of stable signal to ensure the smooth progress of the rescue work The

 At present, the common emergency communication system is emergency communication vehicles, but when faced with road damage, landslides, traffic congestion often lead to emergency communication vehicle security is difficult to start according to local conditions. In addition to achieving all the functions realized by the emergency communication vehicle, since the height of the antenna can be increased with the height of the unmanned aerial vehicle, the coverage angle can be adjusted with the direction of the unmanned aerial vehicle rotation. , Can more effectively achieve a large area of signal coverage.

 According to reports, the Department of unmanned aerial vehicle emergency communications high-altitude base station with three characteristics. One is a long life. The use of photoelectric composite cable for UAV and RRU power supply, life time of up to 8 hours, compared with the traditional UAV base station lifted up 31 times. Second, flexibility is strong. By the small off-road vehicles equipped with unmanned aerial vehicle communication system, can quickly reach the scene of communication interruption to meet the protection needs. Third is highly scalable. According to the different scenarios of emergency communication, can be flexible configuration omnidirectional or directional antenna, select the grouped microwave or wireless ring network transmission equipment, installation modular, flight control semi-automatic, ordinary staff short-term training can be posts. After receiving the emergency communication security task, the high-altitude base station can be quickly launched within 5 minutes to 100 meters, covering an area of nearly 5 square kilometers, 8 hours without interruption for the disaster area to provide communication, Internet and other communications security, the average download rate of 36.4 Mbps, upload rate of 5.47Mbps, the average voice MOS value of 3.4, at the same time for nearly a thousand mobile phone users with instant messaging services.

 At present, Fujian Mobile has the linkage of unmanned aerial vehicles emergency communications high-altitude base station and China Mobile "and walkie-talkie" "cloud video" linkage integration, build a comprehensive emergency command and dispatch platform, and in Nanan City, Fujian Province Penghua Town Get floor High-altitude operations, built-in mobile 4G card of the tethered UAV can be collected to the high-definition images, images, mobile 4G + network through the first time to the command platform for emergency command and dispatch to provide strong support.

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