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nterpretation of the Construction of the "Three Major Five" System of State Grid

Date: 2016-05-20
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Nterpretation of the Construction of the "Three Major Five" System of State Grid

2016-5-20 Source: State Grid News

Recently, the State Grid Corporation of "two sessions" released the 2012 company No. 1 document "on the comprehensive advance" three sets of five "system construction views. It is the core content of "two changes" to promote the intensive management of human and property and the construction of "big planning, big construction, big operation, big overhaul and big marketing" system. At present, the national grid into a new stage of development, to improve the ability to control the power grid, to strengthen the professional, lean management put forward higher requirements. Promote the "three sets of five" system construction, imminent. For the future, the company identified the "two first-class" vision, the construction of "three sets of five" system, deepen the "two changes", the establishment of a scientific management system, is to achieve "two first-class" the only way.

To promote the construction of the "three sets of five" system, we must follow the objective law of power development, around the "one strong three excellent" modern company strategic objectives, in accordance with the intensive, flat, professional direction, change the organizational structure, innovative management model, Process, deepen the intensive management of human and property, and strengthen the company headquarters, do real companies, do excellent city (city) company, improve the company's management efficiency, economic efficiency and service level. We will vigorously promote the construction of the "three sets of five" system, to coordinate the core resources of human and property, optimize the five business models, reduce the management level, shorten the business chain, achieve coordinated and efficient operation, the establishment of power control center and operation monitoring (control) center, Core business intensive operation, to achieve real-time monitoring of important indicators of the operation of the company to speed up the completion of "world-class power grid, world-class enterprise" requirements of the management system and operational mechanism.

2012 is to further deepen the "three sets" management, and comprehensively promote the "five" system construction is a very critical year. All departments and units should ensure the safety and stability of the premise, and constantly optimize the business management mode of operation, continue to promote and improve the "three sets of five" system.

Construction of large planning system, is to fully implement the "four" management requirements, highlight the planning lead, strengthen the planning and control, the establishment of unified planning company, the professional coordination, all kinds of planning plans organic integration planning and management system, Company planning, planning and centralized management and the establishment of a unified, including the establishment of the professional, through the various levels, covering the voltage level of the unified planning system. We should strengthen the planning and design talent of the planning and design, enhance the planning and design concept, and improve the planning and design means to improve the planning and design of the planning and design, and strengthen the planning and design of the planning and design. , Unified analysis of model and calculation software; to strengthen the planning system of large planning system, the development and revision of planning and management standards and work standards, unified planning and design technical standards; the establishment of planning and rolling adjustment mechanism and plan closed-loop control mechanism to achieve the whole process of closed-loop management The Establish a sound assessment and evaluation mechanism to improve the scientific nature and accuracy of the planning plan; to speed up the construction of large-scale integrated information platform to achieve the organic convergence of planning information at all levels.

Construction of large construction system, is to unify the power grid construction management process, technical specifications and construction standards, strengthen the construction of key links of control, strengthen the construction functions, engineering and construction team of professional management, improve the quality and quality of power grid construction, Management efficiency and efficiency, to achieve power grid construction "with the international industry leader, the domestic industry leading" goal. To comprehensively promote the construction of large construction system, according to the company to develop the framework of the system, optimize the management system, improve enterprise standards, research and development of distribution network construction management, work and technical standards, and gradually establish a unified system standard system; Full training, so that infrastructure staff to grasp the construction management system, technical specifications; to combine the actual unit, research and development measures to ensure the smooth transfer of construction projects to ensure that the project management transition stage of security and stability; to further improve the construction management information management Platform, strengthen the construction of key nodes of the information management, strengthen the construction and management of vertical information at all levels of the two-way interaction and horizontal sharing between other business, and effectively enhance the management efficiency.

Construction of large operating system, is to integrate the company to run the scheduling operation and equipment related business, adjust the scheduling system functional structure, change the organizational structure, innovative management methods, optimize business processes, the establishment of power transmission and distribution equipment at all levels of centralized monitoring and power grid scheduling business Integration of the integrated scheduling control system, to achieve national tone, sub-tune the operation of the integrated operation of the business. To comprehensively promote the construction of large-scale operation system, we must strengthen the organization and leadership, implement the relevant organizational measures and work measures, take into account the relationship between the large operating system and other system construction, reasonable grasp of the basic conditions of equipment and operation and management changes; Not to break the "principle, to maintain the operation of a smooth and orderly work; to take effective measures to prevent possible security risks to ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid; to meet the new needs of the scheduling control business to strengthen the internal control and control center management, Business process, to promote the professional control of scheduling and control; to rely on smart grid dispatching technical support system to strengthen the standardization of construction, homogenization of management, to promote the county to adjust the professional intensive integration, to promote the scheduling business model transformation; to co-ordinate research and development, Coordinate the organization and control of technical support means of construction and technical support; to complete the standby scheduling system, the establishment of the various levels of standby scheduling system.

Construction of large maintenance system, is to co-ordinate the company manpower, technology, equipment resources, the effective use of social resources, the implementation of specialization and operation and maintenance integration, comprehensive deepening of the state maintenance, the establishment of voltage level maintenance operation of power transmission equipment production system The To strengthen the training assessment, to strengthen the new staff positions, new equipment, new business training, to improve the training system, to improve the training system, to improve the training system, To ensure the smooth transition of business; improve the talent incentive mechanism to speed up the training of expert talent team; to strengthen the process control, develop a detailed work plan, establish and improve the implementation of supervision and management mechanism, timely solve the problem, implement security measures for the operation of the new system to create conditions ; To improve the supporting measures, actively and steadily implement the operation and maintenance integration, promote the use of advanced, applicable and efficient detection equipment and operating equipment, the establishment of modern power grid production equipment system to improve equipment operation and maintenance efficiency.

Building a large marketing system, is to innovate the management model, change the organizational structure, optimize the business process, the implementation of 95598 customer service, measurement equipment inspection and distribution, marketing, inspection and monitoring core business intensive, 24-hour customer-oriented unified power supply service system, The formation of business online monitoring, real-time response to the efficient operation of the operating mechanism to improve marketing performance and customer service levels. To comprehensively promote the construction of large marketing system, we must establish and improve the organization and organization, strengthen the coordination of the command, refine the implementation of the program, develop risk prevention plans, the establishment of supervision and inspection mechanisms to ensure that the management system changes coordinated and orderly, business transfer safe and efficient, smooth and smooth staff adjustment; We must do a good job of customer awareness and strong business expansion equipment, fault repair and other business, the establishment of efficient and smooth cross-professional service coordination mechanism to enhance customer satisfaction; to do a good job of technical support, improve the marketing business system applications and standardized design, Electricity, scheduling and other systems information integration, expand marketing GIS applications, 95598 interactive service sites, integrated payment platform and other advanced applications, improve service support capabilities; reasonable arrangements for funding plans, the rational deployment of human resources, strengthen learning and training to ensure business efficiency To carry out.

Construction of "three sets of five" system is a big change in management, is an unprecedented battle. The company should fully understand the importance and urgency of the construction of the "three sets of the five major" systems, unify thinking and action into the decision-making arrangements of the party group, support reform, reform, promote reform, and correctly handle the relationship of reform, development and stability , Strengthen the risk prevention and control, to ensure smooth reform, power grid security, corporate harmony.

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