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The State Council: to strengthen the emergency communications security capabilities, speed up the 1.

Date: 2017-07-19
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The State Council: to strengthen the emergency communications security capabilities, speed up the 1.4G broadband network and satellite emergency network and other construction


2017-07-19 Source: Global Network Communications

 July 19, the State Council issued a "General Office of the State Council on the issuance of national emergency response system construction" thirteen five "plan notice", "notice" said: "national emergency response system construction" thirteen five "Planning" has been approved by the State Council, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central People's Government, the State Council ministries and commissions, the institutions directly under the implementation.

"Planning" pointed out: by 2020, China will be completed with the effective response to public safety risk challenges to match, and fully meet the requirements of a well-off society to meet the whole process of emergency management, the whole society to participate in the emergency response system, emergency management The ability to continuously improve the basic capacity, the core emergency rescue capability has been significantly enhanced, the comprehensive emergency support capability has been comprehensively strengthened, the social cooperative coping ability has been improved obviously, the emergency capability has been strengthened, the emergency management system has been further improved and the emergency management level has been put to a new level.

"Planning" to strengthen the emergency communications security capabilities to make a comprehensive provision. "Thirteen Five" period, China's heaven and earth, interoperability and sharing of three-dimensional emergency communications service security network will be basically formed. As the main task, to strengthen the emergency communications support capabilities will focus on the following aspects:

First, based on the national civil space infrastructure construction, construction of public emergency satellite communications system; to strengthen the various departments of the emergency network of emergency planning, co-ordinate the use of emergency systems required satellite resources to enhance the satellite emergency communications service support and intensive level.

Second, to strengthen the public communications network multi-routing, multi-node and key infrastructure disaster recovery system, in the disaster prone areas, important cities and nuclear facilities around the construction of a number of towers strong anti-destruction, power supply dual backup, Cable satellite dual routing super base station, to enhance public communication network disaster prevention and destruction capabilities.

Third, improve the national emergency communications professional security team equipment configuration, support all kinds of grassroots professional rescue team and emergency response agencies equipped with small portable emergency communication terminal.

Fourth, the development of different types of communication systems on-site emergency communication interconnection standards, research and development based on 4G / 5G emergency communications means to speed up the city based on 1.4G band broadband digital trumpet private network system construction, strengthen the radio frequency management to meet the emergency state massive Data, high-bandwidth video transmission and wireless emergency communications business needs.

"13th Five-Year Plan" period, relying on existing resources, focusing on strengthening the comprehensive emergency response capacity and social coordination and emergency response capacity, "planning" put forward 8 comprehensive, overall, need a number of departments and regions to promote the construction of key projects. National emergency communications support capacity building for one of the eight key construction projects, the main contents are:

Make full use of satellite communications, public communications and related network of existing resources and the latest development results, the construction of public emergency satellite communications professional system, integration and improvement of China's space and ground emergency communications network resources to enhance public communications network disaster prevention and resilience and emergency Service capacity, the formation of heaven and earth, interoperability and sharing of public emergency communications security capabilities; the construction of "Internet + emergency communications" command dispatch and service management cloud platform for emergency management to provide communications, early warning, decision-making, scheduling support services to meet the emergency In all sectors, the industry's emergency communications needs.

In addition, the "planning" also pointed out: to promote the construction of national emergency broadcasting system, upgrading and upgrading the transmission network, the layout of emergency broadcast terminals, improve disaster recovery and resilience; improve the emergency information collection and distribution mechanism to achieve and emergency warning information release system The effective implementation of the national emergency broadcast system operating system and the relevant standard norms to enhance the public emergency response to information dissemination capacity.

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