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China United Power Division to support Xi'an large area power outage event level III emergency drill

Date: 2016-07-01
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China United Power Division to support Xi'an large area power outage event level III emergency drills

2016-7-1 Author: Hua Cake

June 30, 2030, 9:30 am, Xi'an large-scale blackout emergency response exercises in the city sports park stadium held. This is the November 2015 new version of the "national large area blackout emergency response plan" after the release of the country's first deputy provincial capital city of large-scale comprehensive exercise. Xi'an Municipal Government, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company attaches great importance to the exercise, the preparation of the exercise carried out a careful deployment and full guidance. Wang Xiaolin, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau, the mayor of Xi'an Shangguan Jiqing at the scene to observe. The whole exercise lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, more than a thousand people to participate in the exercise.




This exercise simulates the impact of short-term strong convective weather during the 330-kilometer grassland change. During the period of 30 days, the wind caused the movement of the crane and the foreign body short circuit. I, II Cao Feng I three 330 kV transmission lines have trips, coincidence is not, Weihe power plant can not maintain the output of the grassland area alone network operation, and the system solution, 330 kilovolt grassland 110 kilovolt busbar to stop, resulting in the jurisdiction of the Four substations lose pressure, eventually triggering a large area of power outages occurred.

 Xi'an municipal government immediately launched a large area of Xi'an power failure event III emergency response, co-ordinate the relevant departments, the unit for large-scale blackout event coordination and disposal. Under the unified command of the municipal government, have started the power, communications, health, law and order, fire, traffic, materials, publicity and other contingency plans to carry out coordinated response.

The exercise also set up due to power outage caused by Xinhui Iron and Steel Company explosion, cable channel fire, subway line 2 outage and other emergencies, through the maintenance of security, fire fighting, command to ease the traffic, evacuation of subway trapped, Injured people, repair damaged power facilities, important users emergency power supply and other measures to jointly deal with large-scale blackout. After emergency treatment, important users all recovered and reduced load recovery more than 90% after the emergency state of the end.



China United Power Division for the entire exercise to provide audio and video communications support. Through the suitcase mobile command center station, Xinhui steel mills, cable ditch fire point two on-site emergency treatment situation back to the main venue command center, while the command center leadership instructions were transmitted to two sites, the picture clear, clear audio , No delay, to ensure the emergency rescue work smoothly, quickly completed.

After the exercise, the organizers of the leadership of the Union Branch of the staff of the work given a high evaluation.

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