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Take on the responsibility! China United Power Division for the 16th Spring Festival Evening in Shaa

Date: 2016-02-25
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Take on the responsibility! China United Power Division for the 16th Spring Festival Evening in Shaanxi sub-station escort escort

2016-2-25 Author: Hua Cake




January 2016 I received the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company notice, asked my company to participate in the full 2016 Spring Festival Evening in Shaanxi sub-field security power supply work. For the attention of the global Chinese focus - Monkey Spring Festival Evening, the company attaches great importance to the immediate convening of emergency security mobilization meeting, the company leaders personally presided over the comprehensive and meticulous deployment of various departments of personnel work, combined with the actual situation of the Spring Festival Evening and during the Spring Festival security emergency protection work Program, and asked all involved in the security personnel to strictly implement the company's deployment, detailed protection measures, the implementation of insurance liability to ensure that the Spring Festival in 2016 Xi'an sub-venue power supply, the event is complete.

    The spring and evening security emergency communications by my company to fully cooperate with the Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company to complete the deployment of six work points (Xi'an Power Supply Bureau command center, bell tower opening and closing, Gulou opening and closing locks, South Gate twenty change cabinet, goose The use of emergency communications equipment 6 sets, including a set of dual-mode satellite, and emergency backup equipment 5 sets, the central station and platform service system are technical backup and personnel duty, and sent staff 10 I am in the various emergency protection site. In order to ensure that the implementation of the security measures in place, the company departments in advance of a week into the actual combat work, the company leadership in real time to follow up every step of the work process, requiring the implementation of the plan can be strictly enforced at the crucial time not chain, emergency In the event of a top, reliable, reliable.


   As of the morning of February 8, Shaanxi Power Grid during the Spring Festival, the overall operation of a smooth, normal power supply, the company's various departments of security personnel stick to their posts, fulfill their duties, to ensure that the province's people had a bright, happy, peaceful New Year's Eve. Throughout the Spring Festival, the company arranged personnel on duty to ensure that the entire Spring Festival power emergency communications to respond in a timely manner. Do the best technology to provide the best service has always been our company's purpose, to such a major festival for the community, for the people to do a little something, our hearts are full of pride and pride. Zhonglian Branch, never let "you" disappointed.






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Take on the responsibility! China United Power Division for the 16th Spring Festival Evening in Shaanxi sub-station escort escort2016-2-25 Author: Hua Cake     January 2016 I ...
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