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​Zhonglian Electronic Science provide technical support for two large emergency drills at the same

Date: 2017-06-16
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Zhonglian Electronic Science  provide technical support for two large emergency drills at the same time.

                                          2017-6-16 Author: Hua Cake

June 15, 2017, Guangdong Province, Yangjiang City and Jiangmen City at the same time launched two large-scale exercises, "2017 Jiangmen Bureau of wind and fire emergency drill" and "2017 Yangjiang Power Supply Bureau comprehensive emergency drill", the power of the staff After receiving the invitation after the two-way, the first time to bring equipment to the scene.


Which Jiangmen Bureau of wind and wind emergency emergency exercise set up two headquarters, one is the command center, the second is to use my company 1080P suitcase in the transmission site set up temporary command center, the scene real-time back to the rear command center. Site a total of five, but also the implementation of the transmission of unmanned aerial vehicle line patrol screen, a number of site reports work orderly, two command center command ordered in a timely manner, the smooth start of this exercise.


At present, China United Power Electronics has formed a complete solution covering many industries, including mobile emergency command system, industrial cloud maintenance control system, infrastructure project mobility control system, flood disaster monitoring and early warning and emergency command system. Carefully polished full-speed TM mobile emergency command vehicles, portable command terminals, individual helmet-type terminals, portable emergency terminal, satellite communication box and other system products to meet the various levels of different emergency command needs. The products have already produced significant social benefits in major social events (such as Olympic security, national key construction projects), electricity peak summer, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency disposal and command and dispatch. Can be widely used in government departments, power petrochemical, public security fire, highways, modern logistics, meteorological water conservancy, forest fire and other domestic industries, in response to major natural disasters and all kinds of emergencies provide a strong means of technological innovation Effectively improve the speed of response and emergency response level.


The Yangjiang Power Supply Bureau integrated emergency drills were set up four points, Galaxy King support five sets of equipment, which use the suitcase equipment in the field to build a temporary command center, the scene real-time return to facilitate the leadership of the rapid command. And the transmission screen is stable and reliable without interruption, clear and smooth audio without delay, get the leadership of the praise and recognition!

Because we always pursue the end user at any time, any place can be through any terminal to enjoy a consistent wireless application experience, enhance people's communication and collaboration. The company's products and solutions have served in 15 provinces, 35 cities, more than 100 key users, widely used in electricity, roads, railways, radio and television, public security, military and other key national industries. The result of all this is our forefront of technology products and quality service in exchange for the future, we will live up to expectations.



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