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Zhonglian Electronic Science  participate in "Anti-wind and flood  Power Public Emergency

Date: 2017-05-20
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 Zhonglian Electronic Science   participate in "Anti-wind and flood  Power Public Emergency Full-scale Exercise" invited by Guangdong.

                                                     2017-5-20 Author: Hua Cake

On the morning of May 18, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, organized an emergency drills for windbreak and emergency control (electric power communication) in 2017, and Zhonglian Branch was invited to participate in the exercise and provided equipment and technical support. Walking through the 20 scene panorama show the industry emergency information communication submitted to the power grid repair, communication network repair, inter-industry emergency equipment support each other the whole process, unmanned aerial vehicles, assault boats, satellite phones, power generation equipment, emergency communications vehicles, Emergency lighting lighthouse battle, the exercise has achieved the desired results.



Which Maoming Bureau as the exercise of the commander, electric bureau as a temporary command center, site Maoming Bureau of the main network dispatch room, transmission line scene, UAV patrol line site, substation site, telecom building tram scene, electric white Bureau of the building site, through my company equipment real-time return, so that the leadership can be the first time and more intuitive to see the situation at the scene, the rapid recovery of electric power supply and public network communication for the purpose of emergency response. Leaders expressed great satisfaction with the fast and stable connection of our products, and compared to the emergency equipment they had purchased before, our equipment really embodied the "emergency" requirements. In fact, as early as 2010, we in the country on the first to successfully develop a variety of network and Internet of things based on the mobile emergency command platform, a thorough innovation of the traditional emergency command based on wired communication methods, the core technology in the country with the first, Is the first time to achieve the "more than three", that is, multi-network parallel communication, multi-information sharing, multi-terminal interoperability. This led the development of industry technology direction, is the emergency command field of major innovation projects, through the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department of the results of identification, to the leading domestic level, was listed as scientific and technological achievements in Shaanxi Province.



The Division I participated in the exercise, not only test the power communications industry emergency linkage mechanism, more 2017 wind and wind emergency rescue work has laid a solid foundation, and strive to be possible disaster losses and social impact to a minimum.

China United Power Division team tirelessly, continuous combat, vigorous and resolute, obey the overall situation, willing to sacrifice the spirit of the face and work style, won the leadership at all levels and the majority of customers affirmation and trust, the formation of "can fight, win the battle" core competitiveness and Brand advantage for the company to create a high honor. This is the community for our recognition, but also our social responsibility.




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