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Zhonglian Electronic Science  ensure power supply for Thomas-Uber

Date: 2017-05-23
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Zhonglian Electronic Science  ensure power supply for Thomas-Uber 



2016-5-23 Author: Hua Cake


2016 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup badminton match in May 22 in Kunshan, Jiangsu came to an end. In the 21 day of the Uber Cup final, the Chinese women's team to 3: 1 victory over the Korean women's team, to achieve the Uber Cup "three consecutive years", which is the history of the Chinese women's team won the 14th Uber Cup. Danish men's team to beat the Indonesian men's team 3: 2, the first time in the history of the Thomas Cup to win, this is the first time the European team won the Thomas Cup.

A total of 32 teams from 21 countries participating in the tournament, Tang Yu Cup table represents the world's highest level of badminton men and women's team, the top players at home and abroad staged a field badminton peak duel, attracting at home and abroad Badminton enthusiasts are of great concern.



As the Shaanxi Zhonglian Branch in the same industry share of the industry has reached the first, the company's products and solutions services in 15 provinces, 35 cities, more than 100 key users, has been in major social events (such as the Olympic Games Electricity, national key construction projects), electricity peak summer, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency disposal and command and dispatch has produced significant social benefits. Widely used in government departments, power petrochemical, public security fire, highway, modern logistics, meteorological water conservancy, forest fire and other domestic industries, in response to major natural disasters and all kinds of emergencies to provide a strong means of technological innovation, The emergency response capabilities of emergency communications products and emergency response level. Based on this consideration, the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup Badminton Division of the Ministry of Public Security and the Organizing Committee invited Zhonglian Branch to participate in the security work of this competition, for the successful completion of the game contributed a force.



This time, China United Power Division and Hao Xiang unmanned aerial vehicles together for the entire game to provide security support for the smooth holding of the event escort. The current event, Kunshan public security will be used to the security work, the venue for off-site high altitude patrol, relying on the power of the command system, the video real-time transmission to the venue command center. Smooth and stable video command to ensure the smooth progress of public security work, received a lot of praise, which we are honored and proud.





China United Power Division, to protect you every time!



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