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2017 - 08 - 09
We are always concerned about the Jiuzhaigou earthquake!                                                                            Time: 2017.8.9 Author: Hua Cake   Last night before 21 o'clock in Jiuzhaigou is such a ...                             ...
2017 - 05 - 23
Zhonglian Electronic Science  ensure power supply for Thomas-Uber   2016-5-23 Author: Hua Cake 2016 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup badminton match in May 22 in Kunshan, Jiangsu came to an end. In the 21 day of the Uber Cup final, the Chinese women's team to 3: 1 victory over the Korean women's team, to achieve the Uber Cup "three consecutive years", which is the history of the Chinese women's team won the 14th Uber Cup. Danish men's team to beat the Indonesian men's team 3: 2, the first time in the history of the Thomas Cup to win, this is the fi...
2017 - 05 - 20
Zhonglian Electronic Science   participate in "Anti-wind and flood  Power Public Emergency Full-scale Exercise" invited by Guangdong.                                                     2017-5-20 Author: Hua CakeOn the morning of May 18, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, organized an emergency drills for windbreak and emergency control (electric power communication) in 2017, and Zhonglian Branch was invited to participate in the exercise and...
2017 - 06 - 16
Zhonglian Electronic Science  provide technical support for two large emergency drills at the same time.                                          2017-6-16 Author: Hua CakeJune 15, 2017, Guangdong Province, Yangjiang City and Jiangmen City at the same time launched two large-scale exercises, "2017 Jiangmen Bureau of wind and fire emergency drill" and "2017 Yangjiang Power Supply Bureau comprehensive emergency drill", the power of the staff After receiving the invita...
2016 - 02 - 25
Take on the responsibility! China United Power Division for the 16th Spring Festival Evening in Shaanxi sub-station escort escort2016-2-25 Author: Hua Cake     January 2016 I received the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company notice, asked my company to participate in the full 2016 Spring Festival Evening in Shaanxi sub-field security power supply work. For the attention of the global Chinese focus - Monkey Spring Festival Evening, the company attaches great importance to the immediate convening of emergency security mobilizati...
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