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Our mobile emergency command system, with cross-regional emergency repair support capacity. With multi-terminal distributed, multi-level linkage, cluster scheduling, unified command and other functions. With the integration, small portable, resource sharing, centralized management, widely used features. Integrated satellite, 3G / 4G (wired or wireless), private network, WIFI and other networks, to achieve video, voice, a variety of data information, documents, monitoring data sharing and other means and processing. So that multi-level, multi-point co-command, interoperability, emergency solutions for rapid decision-making and processing, linkage issued, the implementation of tracking. It is widely used in natural disaster relief, public security, armed police, traffic supervision, power inspection, fire inspection, railway, fishery, oil, forestry, military defense. ...

√ For the power industry emergency command and management, can deal with any place in the province occurred at any time emergency emergency communications. General recommendations for the construction of the headquarters of the emergency command of the main station, for the company's functional departments or district, county-level power supply bureau related departments to configure portable mobile emergency command terminal (suitcase mobile emergency command station, panoramic PTZ one machine, multi- Mode satellite portable station, regional wireless ad hoc network, UAV video transmission equipment), to achieve the provincial power station provincial and municipal access station and the municipal functional departments or district and county level departments of the hierarchical level Interworking.

Time and effective real-time image of the emergency scene, report the sound, the progress of the situation, emergency decision-making and other content transmission to the emergency center, by the Bureau of leadership, experts, etc., in the event of emergencies, emergency repair, production safety control and other circumstances, timely and effective emergency scene real- Remote control command emergency treatment progress, real-time understanding of the situation, the rapid realization of remote command, according to the classification of emergency events and the progress of the arrangements for the appropriate emergency personnel, professional team, technical experts to deal with the corresponding work, reasonable arrangements for the deployment of human and material resources, Efficient remote management of emergency treatment to ensure the efficiency of emergency response and emergency personnel safety.

For the emergency response, our suitcase mobile portable terminal (hereinafter referred to as the suitcase) can quickly reach the scene, immediately set up a temporary command center in the field, the soldiers carrying the scene of the fire scene and video together with the location information back Spread to the suitcase or rear command center, in order to determine the different areas of fire, a unified decision command. In addition, we have a portable dual-mode satellite, Tiantong and Yuntai one machine and a series of equipment, can be adapted to the different circumstances of the scene, covering all the network, all the environment. The system can improve the scientific decision-making capacity of fire rescue command, the maximum reduction of losses, to ensure that people's property to fire officers and men of their own safety.

For power inspection, power inspectors can carry our portable one or PTZ HD camcorder to shoot damage to the power cable within the system coverage and pass through the portable satellite system (dual-mode satellite, ) Or public network 4G system will be real-time image back to the suitcase or rear power management department, for the relevant experts to analyze and judge, diagnose cable failure, and then determine the repair measures, and our suitcase comes with "cable detection function" Can be positioned. The system can greatly improve the efficiency of electricity inspection and emergency troubleshooting, effective support for power repair work.

For national security and other covert communications, civil vehicles and other vehicles in the deployment of integrated wireless broadband integrated one-stop system, secretly set up regional broadband wireless network, national security personnel to carry hidden video, recording equipment, to achieve the reconnaissance object Secret monitoring, secret recording, will be collected voice, video, broadband data storage and can be spread to the background suitcase monitoring center to achieve intelligence secret collection, as well as the spy object secret tracking and monitoring functions.

√ For military training, can be suitcase for the temporary command center, combined with the soldiers carrying the terminal, unmanned airborne terminal, portable satellite system, "Trinity" Tiantong terminal, PTZ HD camcorders to build space integration command communication system, The system adapts to the training and practice venues in a variety of complex harsh environments, with strong anti-interference ability, reliable communication advantages, in military exercises, training so that commanders can grasp the first-hand information on the combat field, for combat training information to provide a strong The protection.

For public security and armed police, Tiantong or suitcase can be quickly opened in the field of regional broadband wireless network, to cover the region to provide users with stable and reliable voice, video and broadband data transmission, and the use of satellite, wireless, fiber, And other transmission methods will be forward information in real time back to the rear command center, to achieve visual command and dispatch function, the program can be applied to emergency response, anti-terrorism riot, disaster relief, major event activities and sudden environmental events detection and other scenes.

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This set of (multi-network integration) emergency communication system to wired and wireless, private network resources and public network resources combined. Through the construction of multi-mode satellite communications, 3G / 4G public network communications, regional wireless communications consisting of heaven and earth integrated emergency communications network to ensure that the scene and the rear emergency command center interoperability between the rescue command, anti-terrorism, Anti-exercise, cable testing, resource deployment, etc. to provide a strong guarantee.


So we have a wide range of applications of this system, not limited to the areas listed above, have any questions, please contact us.

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Completion time: 2017-08-01
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